Friday, 17 April 2009


Holidays seem bring difficulties to many parents for they have to think about expenditure, food, long journey, and even accomodation.. Still, many places in Malaysia don't meet the satisfactory to many people.. sometimes they need to pay more than the service they get.. and sometimes they pay less but the service is going to be less than what they should get.. It's such a depression, right? Hmm the development in Terengganu has invited many of the foreigners and even local men here, but the problem is about the accomodation.. where to find? how much does it cost? how comfortable is it? and lot of questionaires , more and more... Due to this matter, we come out with new ideas to make your holiday more exciting!! With the touch of chinese and Japanese style, we ensure to bring you passion !! The pictures below are taken at some angles and for more inquiry do call the number at the bottom of this page .. thank you!

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  1. awat katil nya cadar lagu tu..tone kaler takut lerr...mcm berhantu..tuka la kasi ceria sikit...ishhhhh